Study on EM Radiation Effect of Three-Core Cable BCIEquivalent Replacing Strong Field
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YANG Mao-song,XIAO Ben-long,FU Yi-yuan,YUN Lei,LIU Peng-jun National Key Laboratory of Complex Electromagnetic Environmental Effects of Electronic Information System, Luoyang 471003, China 
Abstract:Cables are an important part of the interconnected system. When it is radiated by continuous wave field, the cables′ influence on the terminal equipment cannot be ignored. In this paper, for the interconnection system of three-core cable connection is studied. The equivalent response of the terminal equipment is taken as the equivalent basis. It is proved that the method of linear extrapolation of the equivalent injection source can be equivalent to the high-level EM field. The linear extrapolation model between the equivalent injection excitation source and the radiation field strength is established, and it is tested by the experiment.
keywords:bulk current injection(BCI), three-core cable,equivalent substitution, high-level EM field
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