Wideband Radiation Null Steering Using the Odd / Even Modes ofMicrostrip Patch Antenna
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DENG Chang-jiang,LV Xin School of Information and Electronics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China 
Fund Project:国家自然科学基金(62071037)
Abstract:A broadband patch antenna with two radiation modes is designed. The antenna consists of a rectangular patch and a CPW feeding structure, which can work in the even mode or odd mode, and the corresponding radiation pattern is broadside or horizontal omnidirectional. The two radiation modes can be excited by a single feed network with a size of only 35 mm×14. 5 mm. The microstrip-line-slot structure and CPW structure in the feed network can generate in-phase and out-ofphase electric field respectively, which can separately excite the even and odd modes of the patch to achieve wide bandwidth and high isolation. The test results show that the operating frequency band of the antenna is 2. 17-2. 95 GHz and the working bandwidth is 780 MHz (31%). Based on the two radiation modes, the antenna can generate signal null at a specific angle to reject malicious interference, and the null angle changes linearly with operating frequency. The antenna can be used for intelligent communication systems such as MIMO communication.
keywords:broadband patch, even mode and odd mode, co-planar waveguide feed, pattern diversity, null steering
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