Research on the Sea Temperature Retrieval Accuracyof Spaceborne One-dimensional Synthetic Aperture MicrowaveRadiometer
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LIU Mao-hong,AI Wei-hua,FENG Meng-yan,LU Wen,HU Shen-sen College of Meteorology and Oceanography, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073, China 
Fund Project:国家自然科学基金(41306187)
Abstract:The spaceborne one-dimensional synthetic aperture microwave radiometer (1D-ASMR) which can provide high spatial resolution and operate at multiple incidence angles uses an antenna array to replace the large antenna of a traditional radiometer. It is an important load for future sea temperature remote sensing. In order to research the influence of the 1D-ASMR brightness temperature measurement error EMb on the sea temperature retrieval accuracy and provide a basis for the design of the 1D-ASMR, a 1D-ASMR brightness temperature simulation model is built and a multiple linear regression algorithm (MLR) is used to quantitatively study the variation of the retrieval sea surface temperature error with the incidence angle and EMb. In the study, the 1D-ASMR operates at 6. 9 GHz, 10. 65 GHz, 18. 7 GHz, 23. 8 GHz and 36. 5 GHz, and each operates at vertical and horizontal polarization. In addition, the incidence angle range of the 1D-ASMR is 0°~65°, and the range of EMb is 0~1 K . The results show that the variation trend of the retrieval error with the incidence angle is affected by EMb. The retrieval error corresponding to a large incidence angle is lower than that corresponding to a small incidence angle. Using the controlled variable method to research the influence of EMb at different frequencies on the sea surface temperature retrieval, it shows that at the same incidence angle, the retrieval error will increase with the increase of EMb of each frequency, but when EMb exceeds 0. 5 K, the tendency of retrieval error to increase with the increase of EMb will significantly slow down and EMb at 6. 9 GHz has the greatest impact on the sea surface temperature retrieval error.
keywords:spaceborne one-dimensional synthetic aperture microwave radiometer, sea surface temperature retrieval, linear regression, retrieval accuracy
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