3. 4-3. 6 GHz High Gain Doherty Power Amplifier Based on GaN
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ZHOU Xing-da1,2,LIU Guo-guo2,YUAN Ting-ting2,WEI Ke2,LIU Xin-yu2 1. School of Microelectronics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing100049, China
 2. R&D Center for High Frequency and High Voltage Devices and Integration, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing100029, China 
Abstract:Based on the two-stage power amplifier architecture, a high gain Doherty power amplifier with an average output power of 37 dBm (5 W) is designed in this paper. The high gain Doherty power amplifier improves the gain of Doherty power amplifier by adding the front driving power amplifier. The architecture of Inverted Doherty Power Amplifier (IDPA) is adopted to widen the working bandwidth of the traditional Doherty power amplifier. The results of continuous wave test show that the saturated output power and power added efficiency (PAE) of the designed amplifier in this paper are above 44. 5 dBm and 43. 9% respectively at the saturation output power operating point in the 3. 4-3. 6 GHz working frequency band. At the average output power (37 dBm, 5 W) operating point, the backoff of the designed amplifier in this paper is more than 7. 5 dB, the additional power efficiency (PAE) is more than 36. 8%, and the power gain is more than 31 dB.
keywords:two-stage power amplifier, inverted Doherty power amplifier (IDPA), π type phase compensation network, gain, GaN
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