Effect of Array Spacing on Wide-Angle Scanning Performance ofUniform Array
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ZENG Yu,WANG Yang,DING Xiao Institute of Applied Physics, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054, China 
Fund Project:国家自然科学基金(62171093 和61731005)
Abstract:This paper studies and verifies the wide-angle scanning performance of a uniform array with variable element spacing. Firstly, the array factors of a uniform linear array and planar array are analyzed and discussed, and the change regularities in the wide-angle scanning area are summarized. The research results show: For a uniform linear array, the array factor is “favorable” for wide-angle scanning, and wide-angle scanning can be accomplished by selecting active wide-beam elements; While for a uniform planar array, the array factor is “unfavorable” for wide-angle scanning, the selection of the element spacing is critical to the wide-angle scanning performance. To this end, a new type of magnetic current element is proposed to verify the above conclusions. The magnetic current element has a beam-width of 138° in the xoz plane, and the 16- element linear array and 64-element planar array configured by this element realize 75° and 65° beam scanning, respectively. The research results of this paper can provide theoretical guidance and design convenience for wide-angle scanning phased array.
keywords:wide-angle scanning, planar phased array, magnetic current element, uniform array
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