A Wideband Wide Scanning Circularly Polarized Antenna forPhased Array Systems
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YAN Kai1YU Da-qun1,2,CHEN Yun1 1. The 14th Research Institute of CETC, Nanjing 210039, China
 2. Science and Technology on Antenna and Microwave Laboratory, Nanjing 210039, China 
Abstract:Aiming at the current problems of insufficient bandwidth and scanning angles of circularly polarized phased array antennas, a circularly polarized quadrature four-leaf clover antenna is designed, and the application of the antenna in the phased array system is experimentally studied. The antenna pattern is coated on the front and back sides of the PCB, the coaxial cable is used for feeding, and the structure is simple and easy to implement, in the array, the wide-angle scanning and broadband axial ratio characteristics are realized through the isolation column between the cells. The simulation design results of the circular polarization antenna, the actual measurement results of the antenna array and application examples are given in the article. The mutual verification between antenna simulation and actual measurement results shows that the circularly polarized antenna has good VSWR in all scanning region,the impedance bandwidth and axial ratio bandwidth both are more than 35%,besides, the antenna has the advantages of simple structure and light weight, and is suitable for use in modularized phased array radar systems.
keywords:circularly polarized antenna, broadband axial ratio, phased array
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