Design of a Ku-Band Bandpass Filter with Ultra-widebandReflectionless Behavior
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REN Le,XU Jin-ping State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, China 
Abstract:In order to solve the problem that the reflected signal within stopband of the Ku-band bandpass filter (BPF) may disturb the system performance, a Ku-band absorptive bandpass filter (ABPF) with ultra-wideband reflectionless behavior is studied in this paper. The filter consists of an ultra-wideband multi-stage Wilkinson-type power divider/ combiner, wideband 90° phase shifters and conventional reflective microstrip BPFs. By utilizing the equal-amplitude and antiphase characteristics of the reflected waves in the two branches of the power divider/ combiner, the power of reflected waves is absorbed by the isolation resistors to realize the reflectionless behavior in stopband of the ABPF. The phase shifter adopts a microstrip line loaded with two λ /4 short-ended stubs in parallel and a reference line to realize phase shifting around 90° over an ultra-wide bandwidth. A Ku-band ABPF with a center frequency of 15. 2 GHz has been designed and fabricated. Tested results show that the proposed ABPF has a 3 dB bandwidth of 1. 4 GHz and an absorption bandwidth of 5~26. 5 GHz at both input and output ports. The ABPF features good ultra-wideband absorptive behavior.
keywords:absorptive filter, bandpass filter, phase shifter, power divider, wideband
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