Integrated Coupled-Loop MIMO Antenna Based onMode Cancellation Method
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SUN Li-bin,ZHANG Xiao-peng,ZHANG Zhi-jun Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China 
Fund Project:国家自然科学基金(61971254)
Abstract:To overcome the size limitation issue of the MIMO antenna in mobile devices, an integrated coupled-loop MIMO antenna is designed in this paper based on the mode cancellation method. By cutting two break points in the conventional loop antenna, the resonant frequency of the common mode and differential mode can be matched to realize a novel self-decoupling performance without using any extra decoupling structure. The simulated and measured results indicate that the -6 dB impedance bandwidth of the proposed antenna is 3. 3~5. 0 GHz, in which the isolation is better than 10 dB. The measured antenna efficiency is 52%~74% and ECC is less than 0. 15. Moreover, the application of the antenna in practical 5G mobile devices is discussed. Compared to previous studies, the proposed MIMO antenna design scheme possesses the merits of simple structure, no extra decoupling structure and wideband, which shows great potential for the industry applications.
keywords:MIMO antenna, antenna decoupling, mode cancellation method, mobile phone antenna
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