A New Method of Designing Generalized Chebyshev LC Filters
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YANG Chi-ru, CHEN Xiao-yang, QI Ai-jun, LIU Ya-ning (Beijing Changfeng Micro-electronics Technology Co. Ltd. of 23th Inst, CASIC,Beijing 100854, China) 
Abstract:The thesis proposes a new method synthesizing the generalized Chebyshev LC filters, whose transmission zeros can be set freely and outer sides rejection can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. A LC filter can be synthesized with this method. Its ripple performance of pass-band is as good as that of Maximally Flat filter and its rejection of outer side is as good as that of Elliptic filter. Every transmission zero of generalized Chebyshev LC filters can be controlled by only one component. Compared with Elliptic LC filters, generalized Chebyshev LC filters can get better outer sides rejection with the same number of components.
keywords:LC filter, generalized Chebyshev filter, elliptic filter, transmission zeros
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