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Introduction to the Journal of Microwaves

Started publication in 1980, Journal of Microwaves is an academic journal sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics(CIE), and co-sponsored by the 14th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) and the Society of Microwaves, CIE. Journal of Microwaves is a Chinese Core Journal, its purpose is to reflect the development status of domestic and foreign microwave theory and techniques, develop and conduct academic discussions in the microwave field, popularize the application of microwave in biology, medical, chemistry, industry and agriculture, national defense and other fields, promote the development of microwave technology.


Journal of Microwaves is a bimonthly publication with 6 issues yearly. International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1005-6122, civil periodical number: CN32-1493/TN.

Domestic distribution: local post offices, postal issue code: 28-328; oversea distribution: China International Book Trading Corporation.


The academic and research papers published by Journal of Microwaves mainly include: electromagnetic field theory and numerical calculation, microwave components and circuits, millimeter wave and submillimeter wave technology, optical waveguides and integrated optics, antenna theory and technology, electromagnetic scattering, microwave integrated circuits and technology, microwave electromagnetic compatibility, microwave applications in various fields, and related interdisciplines.


Target readers include scientific research personnel, teachers and students from research institutes, universities, factories, military units, hospitals and other relevant departments engaged in microwave theory and application research.


Journal of Microwaves is indexed by China Science Periodical Database, The Key Magazine of China Technology, Chinese Science Citation Database, Japan Science and Technology Agency Database, etc.