Design of Wideband Band-pass Filter with Sharp Roll-off Skirts
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熊 阳1 张 伟2 王荔田3 1.中国西南电子技术研究所,成都610036
Abstract:In this paper, a wideband bandpass filter is presented based on a novel multi-mode resonator. The proposed multi-mode resonator is composed of a fish bone resonator and an inverted T-shaped resonator. The center frequency of wideband bandpass filter is located at 2.47 GHz and the fractional bandwidth (FBW) of this filter is 100%. The filter is of super high selectivity with roll-off rates of 232dB/GHz and 168dB/GHz in lower sideband and higher sideband, respectively. Additionally, the filter possesses the merits of low insertion loss 0.4 dB, compact size and wide stopband suppression.
keywords:multi-mode resonator, wideband filter, wide stopband suppression, high selectivity
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