V 波段高隔离宽带波导功分器设计
Design of Wideband Waveguide Power Divider with High Isolation in V Band
中文关键词:  V 波段,高隔离,阶梯阻抗变换器,Al-50%Si,波导功分器
英文关键词:V band, high isolation, stepped impedance transformer, aluminium-50% silicon, waveguide power divider
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      基于电磁场全波分析方法,设计了一种V 波段Y 型结E 面波导功分器,采用多节阶梯阻抗匹配结构实现宽频带;在主传输波导H 面中心插入阻性薄膜的陶瓷基板来提高输出端口隔离度。波导功分器采用硅铝材料制作,具有重量轻、热膨胀系数低、导热良好的优点,与陶瓷基片匹配良好。实测结果表明,在50~60 GHz 频带内,传输损耗优于0. 4 dB,典型隔离度25 dB,两路输出幅度一致性优于0. 19 dB,相位不平衡度优于1. 4°;功率容量理论值可达33 kW。经可靠性试验验证,证明该功分器可靠性高、适合工程使用。
      Based on the EM field full-wave analysis method, an E-plane waveguide power divider on Y-structure in V band has been proposed. By employing multi-section stepped-impedance waveguide transformer, a wider bandwidth has been achieved. A resistive septum loaded ceramic substrate is inserted into the central H-plane of the waveguide divider to realize high isolation. The waveguide power divider is made by aluminium-50% silicon, and has characteristics of light weight, low thermal expansion coefficient, good heat conductivity, and matched well with ceramic substrate. The test results show that insertion loss is better than 0. 4 dB in the frequency range of 50~60 GHz, with typical isolation levels of 25 dB between the two output ports,amplitude imbalance less than 0. 19 dB, phase imbalance less than 1. 4°. The designed power capability of the power divider is as high as 33kW. Finally, the power dividers are validated by the reliability experiment, and the results indicate that the power divider has good reliability and is potential for engineering applications.
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